Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food

– Hippocrates

What does a Recipe4health prescription provide you?

Produce  +  Health and Nutrition Coaching


A bag of regenerative and organic produce grown locally by BIPOC farmers delivered to your doorstep weekly x 12 weeks

Health and Nutrition Coaching

Weekly coaching for 12 weeks on nutrition and culinary education, physical activity, stress reduction, social connection

Have questions? Reach out at Recipe4health@acgov.org

Learn how to cook

Videos and recipes by local chefs for step-by-step guides on healthy basics and delicious meals


resources for you

Patient Handouts

One-page handouts that teach you how to use food to improve your health. Click the links below to download a handout that fits your need.



Image of beans and legumes by Disiana Caballero

our winning recipe

Recipe4Health has five main ingredients

Safety net health centers

Federally qualified health centers in Alameda County serve the most vulnerable patients. 83% of our patients are BIPOC and underserved

Food Farmacy

BIPOC led regenerative farm + food hub + door step delivery fulfills R4H prescription to receive produce (local, pesticide-free seasonal, nutrient dense) delivered weekly for 12 weeks

Behavioral Pharmacy

Community based health coaches provide group / individual health coaching (nutrition, movement, stress reduction, social connection) to sustain behavior change

Medical Health Plan to cover services

CMS 1115 waiver allows Medicaid health plans to fund “Food as Medicine” as covered service free of charge to patients


R4H Training & Admin Hub

R4H provides clinical training to health care staff, EHR workflow integration, & Medicaid authorization & claims management to enable funding of services 

The power of food

What is medically supported food and nutrition?

A spectrum of interventions that provide nutrient-rich, whole food used for prevention, reversal, and/or treatment of certain chronic health conditions:

  • Includes any fruit, vegetable, legume, nut, seed, whole grain, low mercury/high omega-3 fatty acid seafood, and/or animal protein
  • Includes behavioral and nutritional coaching and education to amplify the effect of medically supportive food
  • Prioritizes regeneratively and organically sourced foods